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Obtaining up-to-date currency exchange rates can be essential when running an Ecommerce store. It could make a large financial difference and in some cases can even cause selling products at a loss. So how do you get the most current exchange rates simply and for free?

There are plenty of APIs around that let you update currency data:

To name a few. They all had their merits, however, I found some of them made you jump through a few hoops to get up and running.

Then I stumbled upon and I loved it. Not only is there no access key, no signup, no issue with limits, you can quickly get a list of currency exchange rates using a base currency. Perfect for Ecommerce.

Check out Exchange rates based on USD. All you have to do is change the USD in the URL to any other ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 three-letter code. Easy.

PHP example:

$url = '';
$rates = json_decode(file_get_contents($url), true);

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